Australia is a country that enjoys a high standard of living with:

  • Amazing weather
  • High quality education and healthcare
  • International events and entertainment
  • Technologically advanced infrastructure and transport systems
  • Multicultural society

Five of Australia’s capital cities frequently appear in the top 10 most liveable city surveys around the world, including The Economist Intelligence Unit in London and Mercer.

Other lifestyle benefits to working in Australia include:

  • An ‘outdoors’ culture that is perfect for raising a busy family or indulging your personal passion for sport, surfing, sailing, camping, fishing, four-wheel driving or other pursuits.
  • Comfortable, safe suburbs close to shopping, public transport and amenities in most states.
  • Welcoming, friendly and inclusive people, with a ‘Fair go’ attitude that treats people equally regardless of their background.
  • Diverse range of dining options and entertainment that are among the best in the world.
  • Natural beauty of the local landscape, as well as proximity to low-cost holiday travel options in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Leading international events including Melbourne Formula One Grand Prix, Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix, Australian Open Tennis, various International Cricket Tests & One Day Events, Tour Downunder Cycling, Food & Wine Festivals and more.
  • High standards of fresh food and meat at local supermarkets and grocers, sourced from Australia’s thriving agriculture industry.