To become one of the Worlds largest collision repair networks you need good processes and systems. Our propriety Key2Key™ platform is an industry leading system enabling us to provide an enhanced customer experience.

With  a network of repair centres nationally repairing in excess of 145,000 vehicles per year, we are now the leading collision repair network in Australia. Getting our customers back on the road, safely and at first time of asking is something we take very seriously. So seriously that we have set new standards, leading the industry in quality, performance and customer service. Our investment in our network and our propriety Key2Key™ platform allows us to service 3,200 customer bookings per week, performing repairs in half to one third of the time than the industry average. Now that’s S.M.A.R.T.

“…Flawless and highly professional service with a smile. You have a wonderful team and you should be congratulated on the quality of service you provide to your customers.” – Sunshine, Vic