Safety is the first thing we talk about with our leadership teams and the first thing we talk about on site because we know that every team member and every Customer is depending on us to keep them safe.

Our results on safety speak for themselves, with a lost time injury frequency rate of less than 2, and a target of zero injuries, we are leading the industry. Our lifetime repair guarantee shows our commitment to putting our Customers back in their vehicle with a quality repair and a vehicle that is safe to be on the road. Delta-V (Independent Industry experts) assessed our repair procedures, quality and safety of the repair. Their findings highlighted the clean, well-organised workshops, structured processes, tools and equipment used, and well-trained team members ensured the safety of the team, the safety of the repair for the Customer and other drivers on the road.

"We are totally committed to providing a safe working environment. We encourage ideas and feedback on safety issues and potential for improvement from all of our teams across the network.” - Jim Vais, Founder/Director