Travis – Spray Painter, VIC


“We really make it happen here, our three-day turnaround speaks for itself.”

"I was nervous before starting at S.M.A.R.T as I had been at my last job for almost 20 years. Since I have started I haven’t looked back. It’s like my second family. You get looked after and get rewarded for the jobs you do."

“From start to finish, everyone is working as a team and striving for the same goal. From top to bottom everyone gets looked after the same.“

"We strive to get the best outcome for the customer and work together to overcome the challenges. If a customer needs a car back quickly we work together to make it happen."

"The people I work with keeps me coming back each day. The company knows who you are and you’re not just a number."

"The work at S.M.A.R.T is constant and busy. When the work is constant it gives you motivation to make it happen."